Bomb threat shuts down Cankdeska Cikana Community College

Staff Writer
Devils Lake Journal
Here two vehicles marked “Spirit Lake Fire” guard the entrance to campus. The building with the CCCC logo on it shown here is the new gymnasium and fitness center that house the weight room where the device was discovered.

The police and fire departments at Fort Totten respond to an alleged bomb threat at Cankdeska Cikana Community College Tuesday afternoon.

The school grounds were evacuated and because a suspicious item was found in the school’s weight room, the bomb removal squad from Grand Forks was brought in to deal with the threat.

Both the front entrance drive leading around campus and the back entrance to the new parking lot, gymnasium and administration entrance were blocked by officials from the fire department and police.

Student registration for fall classes began on Aug. 19 and are scheduled to continue until Friday. Friday is slated to be a new student learning day at CCCC with classes beginning on Monday, Aug. 26.

A brief on the AP Wire Wednesday morning said the bomb squad detonated the suspicious item but believe it was some sort of home-made weight rather than a pipe bomb.