National leader to present to Devils Lake schools

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Devils Lake Journal

DEVILS LAKE, N.D. – Area pre-K-12 teachers and administrators will have the opportunity for first-hand information on the impact of new state assessment tools North Dakota school districts will be utilizing to measure implementation and student proficiency of the Common Core State Standards.

The Northeast Education Services Cooperative, which serves area school districts and is one of eight similar organizations in North Dakota, is bringing Dr. Chrystyna Mursky, director of professional learning for the Smarter Balanced assessment consortium to Lake Region State College from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm August 19th.

Dr. Mursky will give a presentation on how North Dakota can strengthen its implementation of the new common core standards and also showcase the new state assessment.

The new state common core standards are a national set of expectations for students and are more rigorous than prior state standards. The new standards address issues of global competitiveness in the workforce said Erin Lacina, NESC Succeed 2020 Project Director.

North Dakota officially adopted the common core in June 2011. The NESC has been collaborating with DPI and other partners in the state to develop and implement professional learning experiences for those involved in the new common core.

“The NESC is the first to bring the Smarter Balanced experts to the state to meet with teachers regarding assessment requirements and resources,” Lacina said.

Until now, every state has had its own set of academic standards, meaning public education students at the same grade level in different states have been expected to achieve at different levels. 

States are able to share information effectively and help provide all students with an equal opportunity for an education that will prepare them to go to college or enter the workforce, regardless of where they live.

The standards will provide important goals for teachers to ensure they are preparing students for success in college and the workforce.

Teachers and administrators of area schools have been gearing up for the new state standards, but the opportunity for the NESC to bring in an expert like Dr. Mursky is a positive step for all to hear directly how to strengthen statewide implementation of the Common Core, Lacina said.

“This is a great opportunity for students in our region and beyond as they will have increased expectations in the classroom, which will lead to increased opportunities in college and careers,” Lacina said.

Lacina expects around 300 educators and administrators will attend the presentation. As the first group to bring in such a presentation, other K-12 leaders throughout the state, including the Superintendent of Public Instruction, Kirsten Baesler, will be attending. To attend the Smarter Balanced presentation, contact Erin Lacina at