Officer Erin Bonney enjoying ND life

Matt Nielsen Journal Reporter

Moving from Maine to North Dakota was quite an adjustment for Erin Bonney, but she couldn't be happier she made the move.

Bonney made the move so that she could achieve her lifelong goal of becoming a police officer.

Bonney took a nontraditional route on her way to becoming an officer. She held numerous jobs before finally deciding that she wanted to join law enforcement.

“I had numerous jobs out east. I was a bartender for awhile in Maine then ran a hockey rink in Massachusetts before moving back to Maine to work at a prison before moving here.”

Bonney is currently attending the police academy during the week in Bismarck. It is a grueling 12 week process that really wears on officers.

“It's tiring and I'm burnt out. I just want to work,” Bonney said jokingly.

Bonney started the academy on June 3 which means that she will be finished in the next couple of weeks. Living conditions while at the academy can be less than ideal for the cadets.

“We live in old dorms with no air conditioning so it feels like college all over again.”

The academy is a learning experience for cadets and Bonney said that she has learned a lot of valuable lessons throughout her time there.

“I definitely know far more now then when I first left for the academy.”

Bonney was on the department for three months before she had to head out to the academy which made the transition to the academy tougher.

There is no denying Bonney's passion when it comes to law enforcement and her family was behind her decision one hundred percent.

“I think my parents thought I was a little crazy but they knew I wanted to do it all along and they are happy and proud I'm doing what I enjoy.”

It took Bonney awhile to finally decide what she wanted to do but as they say it's better late then never.

“I always wanted to be a police officer growing up. I don't think I could leave this particular line of work. There is just something about it that I love and enjoy.”