Obit: Gladys Marie First

Staff Writer
Devils Lake Journal

Gladys Marie First, Nakiwizipi Win,  80,  passed away on Sunday, July 21, 2013 at the Faith Home in Wolf Point, Mont. of natural causes.

A funeral service was held  Friday, July 26 at the Jim BlackDog Activity Center in Fort Kipp, Mont. Interment was in  Fort Kipp Cemetery.  

Gladys Marie First, was born May 24, 1933 at home on the Spirit Lake Dakota Reservation in North Dakota to Henry Feather and Jessie (McKay) Feather. She was later adopted by her grandparents Fred and Sarah (White Dog) Lawrence. Raised and attended school in Saint Micheal’s until she moved to Fort Kipp in 1948 where she attended day school.

Her Dakota name was Nakiwizipi Win, (They Get Jealous Of Her) given to her by her grand father, Fred Lawrence. She loved to ride and race horses since she was real young. When she was 12 years old at the Annual fair on the Spirit Lake Reservation she won the youth horse race. That night she hobbled her horse near their camp for the night. In the morning her grandfather found her horse had been whipped and run through barbed wire. The horse had deep cuts to the chest. Her grandfather was so mad he took the horse and Mom to the announcer stand. He announced to the whole camp that whoever did that to her horse gave her a proud name. He announced from this day on her name is going to be Nakiwizipi Win!

Gladys married Reno First April 1961 in Sidney Mont.

She is survived by sons, Eugene (Sylvia) Hale, Douglas Seviny of Spirit Lake, N.D. Del, Vernon (Tuffy), Wayne First; daughter, Mildred First; sister, Ethelene White Hawk; brother, Guy Casper DeMarrias of Fort Totten N.D.; grandchildren, Deunan and Brett First of Fort Duchsene UT, Kendell First of Brandon Man., Sarah, Anita, Eugene Jr. Hale, Cory Schindler and Jessica, Michelle, Carmen Hale of Spirt Lake N.D.; nephews Jeff Azure, Joesph of Fort Totten, Merval Sherman of Newtown N.D., Wayne, Dale, David, Gary Kopperdahl, of West Fargo N.D., Abraham DeMarrias Jr.; nieces, Carol Polhman West Fargo N.D., Abrienne DeMarrias; cousins, Hazel Sutherland, of Canupa Wakpa, Man., Winona Jones, and Flora (Roy) Kay, of Saskatchewan, Raymond Hapa, Aaron, Austin, Kenny, Edward McKay of Sioux Valley Man. Leland (Doris) Spotted Bird, Catherine Spotted Bird, Merle and Frank Hapa, Aletha Chopper, Priscilla Carpenter; aunts, Cordelia McKay of Sioux Valley Man., Nellie Silk, Loraine Stormy; special nieces, Sheri DeMarrias, Rena Ostby; and special nephew, Paul Azure who would go play music at the home for her on Sundays; very special grandson, who visited and took her things, Lou Conklin. There are many family and relatives too numerous to mention so sorry if we forgot. Her good friends at Faith Home, Vi Clancy, Ruby Brown; Indian adopted daughter, Sharon Yellow Owl.

Gladys was preceded by her parents and grandparents, Reno First; son, Andrew James; daughter, Lois Ann; sisters, Olivia Sherman, Janet Kopperdahl, Vicky Spotted Bull Azure, Mildred DeMarrias; brothers, Abraham, and Wayne DeMarrias; grandson, Anthony First; nephews, Calvin Sherman; nieces, Sheryl Ann Kopperdahl, Iris and Meredith Sherman, Andrea and Terry DeMarrias.   

Clayton Stevenson Memorial Chapel of Wolf Point has been entrusted with the arrangements.