Meet Kyle Boyer, Journal composing assistant

Matt Nielsen Journal Reporter

Twenty-two-year-old Kyle Boyer was recently hired as a composing assistant at the Devils Lake Journal and is looking forward to his first job out of college.

“The best part about the job is that it changes everyday, the challenges that come with the ad designs and the friendly people I work with.”

Kyle comes to Devils Lake from Glasgow, Montana which is a small town of about 3,000 people. He came to Devils Lake in 2010 after graduating high school to attend Lake Region State College. Kyle chose LRSC because of the small class sizes and friendly staff.

He went on to graduate in the spring of 2013 with his Liberal Arts degree.

Kyle said the best part about his college experience was meeting new friends as well as being an RA in the dorms.

While attending LRSC Kyle was the NDSA Head Delegate in 2012, the student government president during the 2012-13 school year and was honored with the Who’s Who Award for Outstanding Leadership in 2012.

Kyle stated that he had many influences throughout his college career but two certain people stuck out more than all of the rest.

Donna Gutschmidt who was a teacher at LRSC was a big influence on Kyle. He said that she showed him he had many skills that he didn't know he had.  The other influence he mentioned was Brigitte Freschette who is the head volleyball coach at the college.

“She made me realize that I had more leadership skills than what I gave myself credit for. She also told me that if you are passionate about something you should go for it and don't let someone hinder your goals.”

Kyle is the youngest of three children in his family. His sister Erika is a stay at home mother in Devils Lake while his brother Kirk is a construction operator in Lewiston, Montana.

In his free time Kyle likes to hang out with friends, work on ceramics, listen to music, travel, and volunteer. One of Kyle's biggest achievements in his life was becoming an Eagle Scout in 2009.

Although Kyle lives approximately seven hours away from home, he still tries to make the trip back every so often. While in Glasgow, Kyle enjoys going to Fort Peck Lake, the Fort Peck Theatre, visiting friends and family, and going to Eugene's Pizza which he says is the best pizza in the world.