Original Batmobile takes pit stop in Pekin

Matt Nielsen Journal Reporter
Clint Young (Batman) and Pekin mayor Steve Girodat (Robin) stand proudly in front of the original Batmobile during it’s brief appearance in Pekin this weekend.

Batman fans of all ages came out to Pekin, North Dakota on Saturday night to check out of the original Batmobile which they could get there picture with or even take a ride in.

Clint Young, who owns the vehicle dressed up as Batman while Pekin Mayor Steve Girodat dressed up as Robin. The two stuck around all night and took pictures with fans to make the evening even more memorable.

Johnny Green and his band Johnny Green and the Greenmen were in attendance and played music from 9:30 p.m. up until 2 a.m.

Johnny Green has toured in over 100 countries and has met the likes of Vince Lombardi, Marilyn Monroe, and Bob Hope to name a few. Johnny has played music all over the world in front of large and small crowds alike but remains humble and is glad he can still do what he loves.

Johnny even took a break in the middle of the show to perform a few fire breathing tricks for the crowd.

Pekin is only a town of around 80 people but one would have never guessed with the turnout on Saturday night with people from all over the area coming to the small town to get a glimpse of the vehicle.

Once the sun went down, Young turned on the flames of the Batmobile which came out the rear of the vehicle just like on the television show.

It was a beautiful night for the event and Johnny Green is hoping to  bring the Batmobile back to Pekin again next summer in hopes of an even larger turnout.