Front page Friday

Staff Writer
Devils Lake Journal
On Friday, Feb. 8 front page of the Devils Lake Journal you will find what's "Coming in print," what's only found on our website today and a whole lot more.

Look for the "Coming in print" and "only on the web" features on the left rail.

    Plus meetings coming up in the Lake Region.

    Weekend weather forecast.

    And a Reader Callout asking for photos of people having fun in the Lake Region for our up-coming Spring and Summer Tourism guide.

Also on the front you will find a feature story about Clinton Romesha, a real, live hero among us who will be honored Monday with the Medal of Honor, states propose limiting the use of drones by police, a story from local law enforcement about a counterfeit $50 bill found locally and a five year old catches a North Dakota whopper.

Plus, what's the latest from the bloggers on our website.