City Commission forms committee to review off-sale liquor licenses

Lisa Jager Journal Staff Reporter

Changing city liquor license ordinances was the focus of discussion at the Devils Lake City Commission's Monday night meeting.

The discussion ensued after Dave Freidig addressed the commission, asking it to consider changing city limitations on liquor licenses. Freidig would like to obtain a license for use at 310 College Drive (Contractor's Corner).

“We don't limit how many grocery stores or restaurants we have in town,” Freidig said.

The number of liquor licenses the city offers is based on population, and under the current ordinance the number of licenses offered can only be increased if the population increases by 1,000.

Commission members were mixed on the issue. Commissioner Craig Stromme said “I am not in favor of having an unlimited number of liquor licenses.” Commissioner Dale Robbins said “I don't think we are asking too much to make more off-sale licenses available,” and that “it might be time to change.”

Mayor Dick Johnson said “My personal feeling is that the people of Devils Lake don't want us to offer more liquor licenses.”

Following the discussion, the commission formed a seven-person committee to review off-sale liquor licenses, including the number offered and what the licenses should encompass. If you are interested in serving on the committee, contact City Administrator Terry Johnston at 662-0700.

The commission approved changes to three liquor license ordinances: No. 905 – Definitions; No. 906-Sales to Minors 7 Certain Persons Prohibited; and No. 907 Special Events. Changes in these ordinances were recommended following review by a special committee. For more information about these ordinances, visit

The commission also heard from Trish Asleson and Amber O'Mera from Sale Alternatives, which offers domestic violence assistance. Aselson asked the commission to support the municipal court's adoption of a standard $25 sentencing fine that would be donated to Safe Alternatives.

In other business, Fire Chief Jim Moe said the recently formed committee to address a proposed pet limit rule will hold its first meeting Tuesday, Oct. 16 at 4:00 p.m. In the city office building.