Local officials nominate Tracee Sutton for award

Staff Writer
Devils Lake Journal

Senator Kent Conrad recently applauded the news that one of his longtime professional staff members and most trusted aides – Legislative Director Tracee Sutton – will receive the John Agrey Award from the Upper Great Plains Transportation Institute (UGPTI) at a ceremony in Fargo Thursday evening.

The Agrey Award is the Institute’s highest honor, awarded annually to an individual who has made significant contributions to the state of North Dakota, its citizens, and its business community through involvement in transportation.

“For two and a half decades I’ve served in the US Senate. In that time I’ve had the good fortune to employ and work with some exceptional individuals. The people of North Dakota have benefited from the expertise and hard work of some truly dedicated professional staff members. Tracee Sutton – without question – is one of the few names at the very top of that impressive list,” Senator Conrad said. “I could not think of a more appropriate recipient of this great honor than Tracee.”

Sutton was nominated for the Agrey Award by Fargo Mayor Dennis Walaker, Devils Lake Mayor Dick Johnson and Ramsey County Commissioner Joe Belford.

In their nomination letter, the North Dakota leaders wrote, “Tracee Sutton may not be a household name throughout North Dakota, but we can guarantee you that nearly every State, City, County and Tribal agency associated with transportation has Tracee’s number on speed dial…For more than a decade, Tracee Sutton has been the most knowledgeable, most focused, and most productive person working on behalf of …North Dakota than anyone we know.”

Past recipients of the Agrey Award include: Senator Kent Conrad, Senator Byron Dorgan, Senator Mark Andrews, Warren Diedrich from Industrial Builders and Steve McCormick of Northern Improvement.

The ceremony was held Thursday, Oct. 11, at Fargo’s Holiday Inn.