A plan, direction needed for DLHS fine arts center

Louise Oleson Journal Managing Editor

The Devils Lake Public School Board met in regular session Monday evening in the Sports Center.

Superintendent Scott Privratsky reported that the Fine Arts Center committee had met and drawn up a brochure promoting the project that could be handed out during events throughout the year. “We’re at a standstill right now,” he said.

“We need to go forward with a clear plan and direction.” He informed the board that additional donations had been received for the project and it would continue to be discussed.

The board was treated to a report from Christa Brodina detailing the work being accomplished at the Lake Area Career and Technology Center. Although this is her first year with the center, she expertly outlined each department and their emphasis using a Power point presentation and photos of the students at work.

Following her presentation,  Privratsky went through the various issues before the legislature of interest to those in education. He said he was grateful for the dedicated legislative team from District 15 and confident that they would make every effort to keep education in the forefront of the legislature. “Education shouldn’t be the last thing on the agenda,” said Kory Boehmer who sits as president of the board.

Even though the school board did not approve her resignation at the last meeting, Sarah Caulfield, chose not to return. Her last day at Minnie H was on September 28. Carol Gibson is currently the substitute teacher in the fourth grade classroom.

Interviews have been held to fill the fourth grade position that is open at Minnie H Elementary School. It is recommended that Sarah Elfman be the teacher to fill this position. Currently, Elfman is student teaching in the first grade classroom at Minnie H. She is applying for her teacher’s license and should be able to take over the teaching duties by mid November.

To help make this a smooth transition for the students, Mrs. Krogfoss, would like to ask Mrs. Gibson to assist with the transition. If there are no objections to this plan, the board would place this item on the action portion of the agenda when the transition takes place in November.

Four tuition waiver requests were approved by the board, agendas sought for the next meeting and the board adjourned to reconvene at 6:30 p.m. for the second of two strategic planning sessions in the library.