Bad weather equals power outages

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Workers on a farm try to right a downed pole.

Northern Plains Electric crews were called out at 2:30 a.m. early Thursday morning as high winds and snow swept the Woodworth area, south of Carrington, downing 21 poles and causing power outages to 30 Northern Plains members.

Crews were called in from Woodworth-Robinson, Cando, Carrington, Jamestown, Maddock and Rugby. By mid-afternoon Thursday they had restored power to all but 13 members.

According to Operations Dispatcher Cathy Klocke, Carrington, crews are reporting tough going today. Mud is making it hard to access downed poles, and the 15 linemen working on restoration have been assisted by area farmers lending tractors to pull vehicles from the mud. Despite such conditions, crews project power would be restored by late Thursday evening.

Continued high winds could result in continued outages. Northern Plains thanks members for their patience, and advises everyone to stay away from downed wires and poles. Please report any damage by calling 800-882-2500.