Devils Lake hopes a gravity outlet may still be built

Louise Oleson

Although the local sponsor has decided to withdraw from the gravity flow outlet project, officials still hope that something can be worked out and the project will go forward.

Jeff Frith from the Devils Lake Basin Joint Water Resource Board attended the Devils Lake City Commission meeting Monday night and explained why the DLBJWRB decided they could no longer back the plan to build a gravity outlet from either Devils Lake or Stump Lake.

However, he has some ideas about how the outlet could happen one day.

“Gravity is the way to go, we know that, but after all the testing and changes to the plan we decided that there was no way we could come up with the local match,” he explained.

It was solely a financial decision.

He recommended getting all the entities together with the state engineer from the N.D. State Water Department at a meeting to discuss where to go from here.

The commission agreed and following some discussion they set a date to try for, Wednesday, Sept. 5. They are hoping Todd Sando can meet with them and the water boards and county commissioners from all the other counties in the basin on that date to discuss the future of the project and what, if anything can be done to move it forward.