ND lawmakers review proposed property tax cuts

Associated Press

BISMARCK, N.D. (AP) — North Dakota lawmakers are going through a sheaf of ideas to cut local property taxes.

Some proposed bills would exempt part of a home's value from property tax. Some would give bigger exemptions to people who are older than 65. And others would give property tax breaks only to older North Dakotans.

The Legislature's interim Taxation Committee is going through the bills Wednesday.

Minot state Sen. David Hogue (hohg) is the committee's chairman. He says the panel will be making recommendations later about which proposals to support in the Legislature.

The bills that include partial property tax exemptions would require homeowners to file a form every year.

Local tax assessors don't like that idea. Minot city assessor Kevin Ternes (TUR'-ness) says annual filings would be a hassle for homeowners.