Japanese ambassador glad Nodaks don't speak Fargo

Associated Press

BISMARCK, N.D. (AP) — Japan's ambassador to the United States says he's glad North Dakotans don't sound like they do in the movie "Fargo."

In a visit to Bismarck on Tuesday, Ambassador Ichiro Fujisaki tried to blend in by singing the cowboy folk song "Red River Valley."

Fujisaki held a news conference Tuesday with Gov. Jack Dalrymple. They talked about North Dakota's chances for expanded trade with Japan.

Dalrymple is from eastern North Dakota's Red River Valley. The ambassador says that inspired him to try singing the folk song. He got laughs and some applause.

Fujisaki says his first North Dakota impressions came from the movie "Fargo."

The movie makes fun of local speech patterns. Fujisaki says when he asked North Dakotans about the movie, they pointed out it was filmed in Minnesota.