Bower named Unsung Hero for August

Staff reports
Left to right: Jeff Wahl of Lake Chevrolet, Unsung Hero recipient Carol Bower and her husband, Mike, and Vickie Heit of Ramsey National Bank. Lake Chevrolet and Ramsey Bank co-sponsor the monthly award.

August Unsung Hero, Carol Bower, has become an integral part of the Lake Region community in the three years since her husband, Dr. Mike Bower, became president at Lake Region State College.  

This coming Thursday, September 1, Carol will open her home for the Royal Social First Year Anniversary. This popular monthly LRSC fund raiser is sponsored by the Lake Region Community College Foundation and takes place from 5-7 on the first (or second) Thursday of each month.

Carol, who is credited with having spearheaded the founding of this popular fund raiser,  says with charming modesty, “We snitched the idea from Mayville State University.” Then she explains, “MSU has sponsored a similar fund raiser for the past five years.  Several of us  (representing LRSC)  attended a couple of their  events and were so impressed that we decided to do likewise (with the blessing of Debbie Hagen, wife of MSU president Gary Hagen.)”

Proceeds from the monthly event reached nearly $8,000 this past year.

Carol says, “It is truly a win/win situation.  Ladies Relax, Smile and Chat while enjoying meaningful socializing...and LRSC wins too!”

The Bowers also enjoy opening their home to host social events for student groups. This past weekend they hosted a cook out for the LRSC basketball teams (both men and women). They have also hosted events for Student Senate and other school groups.  

The Key Event is another college function that Carol enjoys promoting. But not all of her volunteer work is related to the college.

A school teacher by profession, Carol enjoys volunteering for reading programs in the schools and at the library. She also finds it very rewarding to participate in  AMACHI, a mentoring program sponsored by RSVP (Retired and Senior Volunteer Program).

This vivacious and energetic community volunteer says, “I enjoy every aspect of volunteering. I adore the little ones at school, just as I enjoy my work with RSVP and my involvement at the Gift Shop at the hospital or selling daffodils for the Cancer Society.”

Those who benefit from her great kindness are grateful. But Carol feels that she is the lucky one. She says. “It is a blessing to have the time to give.”  Then her sparkling eyes began to well with tears when she told of a thank you card she received from a child she has mentored in the AMACHI program.

Mike and Carol have a son, a daughter-in-law and two grandchildren who live in northern Indiana. As Carol speaks fondly of her grandchildren, it is obvious that distance has in no way diminished their closeness. Other family members live in southern Indiana and southern Ohio. Carol says, “Even though we don’t get to visit as often as we would like, they are always in our hearts.”

During  39 years of marriage, the Bowers have lived in six states and 14 residences. Carol says “It helps to be married to your best friend.”

When asked how she likes Devils Lake, Carol says with her warm and winning smile, “I love it” She commented on the fact that there is so much to do here that she is constantly busy.

One who nominated Carol for this award stated, “The Bowers have made this town their town. They have jumped into things with both feet.” The Lake Region is blessed to have a  college president whose wife finds it  a blessing to be able to have time to give to the community.

 In Carol’s own words, “Thank God I have the time.”  Others might say,  “Thank God we have Carol.”

Carol stated, “I am so pleased to have been nominated for this award and would like to say thank you to my nominator.”