Plant in ND city of Oakes closing; 56 losing jobs

Associated Press

OAKES, N.D. (AP) — A plant that makes military equipment is closing in the North Dakota city of Oakes.

A spokesman for the parent company of JLG Industries tells the American News the plant will close Aug. 31, putting 56 people out of work.

Oshkosh Corp. spokesman John Daggett says the closing is prompted by "market dynamics" and will be phased in over the summer. Workers are not being offered severance packages or an opportunity to transfer to another plant but will get bonuses if they stay until the plant closes and meet certain conditions.

The plant was slated for closure two years ago but local and state officials worked with North Dakota's congressional delegation to keep it open.

Mayor Monty Zimmer says the closure will "greatly impact" the town of about 1,700 people.