North Dakota farmers make progress planting crops

Associated Press

FARGO, N.D. (AP) — North Dakota farmers made progress seeding their crops over the past week despite scattered rainstorms, though planting of some crops remains well behind the average pace.

The Agriculture Department says in its latest crop and weather report that the planting of the state's staple crop of spring wheat has reached 86 percent but that only 44 percent of durum wheat is in the ground. Much of the state's durum crop is in areas hit hard by flooding.

Planting of potatoes and soybeans is nearing completion, with both crops at least 90 percent seeded. Seeding of sunflowers still lags, at only 78 percent complete. Nearly all of the corn and sugar beet crops have emerged.

The first cutting of alfalfa is 6 percent complete, compared to 14 percent on average.