July 4 festivities on schedule for this year

Mike Bellmore, Features Editor
The Fourth of July fireworks held in Ruger Park at dusk were pretty spectacular in 2010. Each year they seem to get better and better.

Devils Lake’s annual Fourth of July festivities at Roosevelt Park are not in jeopardy.

There had been talk of cancelling the popular event because nobody would take the post of coordinator.

Greg Otis, who runs Pizza Ranch, has acted as coordinator in the past, and had been thinking of opting out.

“He’d spend all day down there from  7 a.m. till 5 p.m. or later,” says Lonnie Olson of the Rotary Club. “It took him all day to get everything all set up and ready and then clean it all up.”

“And the local firemen did all the grilling.”

Otis has apparently had a change of heart and will return as coordinator, he said on Saturday.

So the event will apparently proceed as in the past, without interruption.

Olson said $1,700 was spent on the project last year, with $1,300 of it coming from Rotary.

Money is available, apparently. And now the coordinator’s position is taken care of too.

So it’s full speed ahead.