ND lawmakers want $100 bounty on coyotes

Associated Press

BISMARCK, N.D. (AP) — North Dakota lawmakers say the state's coyote population is growing, and they're proposing that hunters get a $100 bounty for shooting one.

The bill drew opposition in the North Dakota Senate's Natural Resources Committee on Thursday. Rural Linton rancher Richard Lawler says the bounty would draw "weekend warriors" who wouldn't have much luck bagging a coyote.

The bounties would be paid for with money taken from a state Game and Fish Department fund that pays for professional hunters who help with coyote problems. Lawler says those hunters are more effective at killing coyotes.

Bowman state Sen. Bill Bowman says increasing coyote numbers could cause a spring crisis. Bowman says deer numbers are down, and coyotes will be hunting livestock instead, at a time when cattle prices are good.