Olson earns utility group’s Hero Award

Staff Writer
Devils Lake Journal
Curt Olson, right, receives the Hero Award from Dave Goodin, president and CEO of Montant-Dakota Utilities.

Montana-Dakota Utilities employee Curt Olson last month was driving from Minot, N.D., to Devils Lake, N.D., when he came upon a car on its side. Olson noticed a man standing next to the car, and stopped to see if he could help. The man said his 90-year-old mother was trapped in the driver's seat. Olson tried to reach the woman, but the only way he could get into the car was by digging out snow through the rear window. When he finally got to her, he removed the snow from around her face so she could breathe. A rescue vehicle arrived a few minutes later. The top of the vehicle had to be cut off so the woman could be removed.

"My belief is, if Curt had not stopped, the woman in the car may well have suffocated under the snow," said Barry Gage, manager of the Devils Lake District for Montana-Dakota. "My hat goes off to Curt for stopping to help the son and mother."

Jan. 21, Olson was given the utility group's Hero Award for taking the time to stop and help someone in need. "We talk about our motto being, 'In the Community to Serve.' Curt took that a step further," said Dave Goodin, president and CEO of Montana-Dakota. "Not only is Montana-Dakota home to employees who perform quality work, but it is also home to employees who are outstanding people in the communities we serve."