$100 fine proposed for bypassing road barriers

Associated Press

BISMARCK, N.D. (AP) — North Dakota lawmakers are backing a proposed $100 fine for drivers who go around barriers after the road's been closed because of a snowstorm.

New Rockford Sen. Joan Heckaman's bill would impose the fine and put a two-point penalty on an offender's driver's license. A motorist's license is suspended when he or she gets 12 points.

Heckaman says road workers and emergency personnel take risks to rescue people who drive around road barriers and then get stuck on a closed highway.

The penalty is now a $20 fine. The North Dakota Senate's Political Subdivisions Committee reviewed the bill Thursday. Some members say Heckaman's proposed $100 fine should be higher.

Assistant West Fargo Police Chief Mike Reitan says people aren't bothered by a $20 fine and the penalty should be tougher.