Sheriff warns about phone scam in area

Mike Bellmore, Features Editor
Ramsey County Sheriff Steve Nelson

The Ramsey County Sheriff’s Department is warning area residents about a potential telephone scam in the area.

Sheriff Steve Nelson said his office has received complaints from at least two people. He said the calls have been very persistent.

“They’re asking for something like $100 and then they’ll send you a prize or some money,” the sheriff explained.

“They’re very persistent, even to the point of annoying. It has happened to at least a couple of people here.”

Nelson said the phone calls have involved some “name-dropping” incidents as well, perhaps as a way to legitimize the scheme.

Nelson said the calls seem to be emanating from Pennsylvania, and the requests for money are asked to be sent to either West Virginia or Arkansas.

Some of these calls have occurred over four weeks and sometimes 4-6 times a day.

Nelson said he doesn’t know if the calls are going across the country or if they’re simply concentrated in this area.

“I don’t know about that, but we do know it is here,” he added. “We’re getting them here and we’d like to make people aware of it.”