Quest ongoing for wind farm in this region

Mike Bellmore, Features Editor
Forward Devils Lake Director Chris Schilken has been a driving force in the quest to get a wind farm in the Devils Lake region.

Forward Devils Lake Director Chris Schilken is hopeful of securing a wind farm for this part of Ramsey County.

But it could be a rather long, time-consuming process stretching over two or three years.

“We’re taking and doing the steps it takes,” Schilken says. “We want to see if we can get one here and how feasible it would be.”

Schilken and Devils Lake officials are working with OWN Energy in the quest to get a wind farm here.

Lake Region State College currently has a MET tower north of the community along Highway 2.

The junior college and Forward Devils Lake currently own it jointly.

The college will have it a couple of months and Forward Devils Lake is then free to move it wherever it chooses.

“OWN Energy has selected northeast Ramsey County for its first area of study,” adds Schilken.

“We can then move it (the tower) depending upon the information we receive from OWN,” adds Schilken.

The Forward Devils Lake Director says the entire process is still very much in its preliminary stages.

But getting answers to critical questions involving the wind farm is of paramount importance.

It’s a process that could stretch out over two or three years, says Schilken.

“We have to be sure of the wind transmission,” adds Schilken. “Then the ability to move the power is up next.”