11 convicted of illegally hunting in Montana

Associated Press

GLASGOW, Mont. (AP) — Wildlife officials say a multiyear investigation into the illegal killing of elk in north-central Montana's Phillips County has led to the convictions of 11 hunters from several states.

Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks criminal investigator Lennie Buhmann says $37,300 in fines and restitution has been collected in the case, which involves defendants from Montana, South Dakota, Utah and Arizona.

Buhmann says the case involved a group that hunted in Phillips County from 2000 to 2009, killing elk without licenses and valid permits while loaning licenses to those in the hunting party who did not have them.

Eleven illegally killed elk were recovered. A cow elk also was illegally killed but not recovered. Eight of the defendants lost a total 22 years of hunting, fishing and trapping privileges in 36 states.