Hofstad says vote significant

Louise Oleson, Editor
District 15 ND Representative Curt Hofstad

District 15 Devils Lake Rep. Curt Hofstad, attended the Water Topics Overview Committee meeting held Monday in Bismarck. He’s optimistic about the vote to authorize a bill calling for assistance for the Devils Lake area.

He said the vote to support an east-end control structure for Devils Lake was significant because everyone is on the same page.

“It is imperative to pull this wagon together,” he stated.

“We have the support of the Governor, the state engineer and Senator Kent Conrad.  Everybody is saying the same thing.”

This vote brings the issue to the legislature for debate.

“Hopefully this puts us on the road to getting something significant accomplished,” Hofstad said.

This is a beginning, it brings the issue to debate in Bismarck and that encourages Hofstad.

What kind of flood control structure will be built has not yet been determined, but the authorization of $5 million at the state level on Monday is an important step forward.