Mike Bellmore, Features Editor
This is some of the flooding being experienced by the Daniel Erickstad family in the Garske-Webster area.

WEBSTER, N.D. - The Daniel  Erickstad family has lived 5 miles west and 2 miles south of Garske for 35 years.

It’s a location they have loved and cherished - until the flooding waters of Devils Lake began wreaking havoc with them.

They’ve been losing land to the water for four years and have lost three access roads.

They haven’t had any mail since May.

“It makes you feel kind of lost and forgotten,” says Daniel’s wife, Vickie. “It’s tough when it seems like no one cares about your plight.”

They’ve had to exit their home through a field one mile north of their house.

The marooned couple has water all around their home.

They’ve been making a lot of noise to government officials for some help.

The Erickstads have an aunt and uncle - Marge and Dick Anderson - who have fueled the urgency of the situation.

They’re both 85 years of age and Dick is battling cancer. He needs his medication and they’re battling the stress of getting out of their home for medical appointments.

There is some encouragment on the horizon, Vickie says.

After the couple complained to the governor’s office, they were told Sopers Construction would be out to fix and rebuild their main road.

“It is disheartening, though,” she added.  “When something does get done, it takes so long. We’re just running out of time.”

“We’ve lived here a long time and we never envisioned anything like this.”

Vickie said the proposed new road will be constructed one mile south of their home.