Was Edmore really named after Ed Moore? Devils Lake museum expands local history collection

Sue Kraft, Lifestyles Editor

Some local history buffs may know that Devils Lake was once named Creelsburg and Creel City before the current name was established. Many may also know that “Devils Lake” was the misinterpretation of white settlers and the actual Sioux name for the lake was MiniWaukan, which translates to Lake Holy One or Lake Great One.

But how many people know that Edmore was founded in 1901 by a man named Edward Moore? Or that Crary was originally named Midway, but had to be changed because there was already a Midway Station in the Dakota Territory and the mail was constantly getting mixed up?

That information and much more is currently available to the public, thanks to a report created by volunteers at the Lake Region Heritage Center.

According to Eunice Davidson, curator of the museum, it is just another addition to the vault of historical information currently stored there.

Davidson said the Pioneer Daughters have brought in a lot of information from the turn of the century about the early settlers and their descendants through the years.

“There's a list of women and their maiden names and the men they married,” she explained.

They are stored in binders, Davidson noted, along with newspaper clippings and obituaries of people connected to that pioneer.

The museum also houses the vast collection of clippings from Daisy Hermanson, a local resident who passed away several years ago at the age of 97. Hermanson began collecting newspaper clippings from the Devils Lake World when she was just 11 years old and continued until her death.

In addition, Davidson said, the museum has old directories of Devils Lake and plat maps, which includes the land description and owners dating back to 1900.

Davidson said anyone is welcome to visit the museum and research their history.

“We'll help them,” she added.

It is free of charge, but a small fee will be charged for use of the copy machine.

Davidson said she ran into trouble years ago when she began researching her family history. She was raised in a foster home and had difficulties finding information that related to her birth family.

The collection, she hopes, will help others in that situation.

“I believe if history is lost, people won't really get to know who they are,” she said. “This makes it so much easier.”

The Old Post Office Museum is located on Fourth Street in downtown Devils Lake. It is open Tuesdays through Saturdays, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.