Mitzel ordered back to court on Aug. 23

Ray Maloney, Sports
Faith Mitzel

Faith Mitzel, Oberon, is still at odds with the legal system.

The 93-year-old appeared before District Judge Donovan Foughty Monday and had a preliminary hearing scheduled for Aug. 23.

Mitzel was originally cited for driving on the wrong side of the road stemming from a May 19 accident that killed Sheri Leidholt and seriously injured two other persons.

Mitzel claimed she would contest the $20 ticket from that accident, but did eventually pay the fine and her driver's license was suspended.

She was arrested Aug. 3 while allegedly driving on U.S. Highway 2 by Ramsey County sheriff deputy Ross Walther and charged with driving without a license and no liability insurance — both misdemeanors.

At Monday's court appearance, Ramsey County state's attorney Lonnie Olson told Foughty that Mitzel currently has 10 vehicles registered under her name. Mitzel, sounding defiant, explained that many of those are also registered jointly with her son and that only two of those vehicles are currently operational.

Foughty ordered Benson County officials to remove the license plates from each of those vehicles and also ordered that the vehicle which Mitzel was allegedly operating on Aug. 3 continue to be impounded until she successfully passes a driver's test and obtains a new license.

"This isn't your typical DUS or no insurance case," said Olson following Monday's brief court appearance. "Our primary concern is public safety ... how we go about assuring public safety in this case remains the question."

Mitzel was not represented by an attorney at Monday's appearance. She was instructed to make application for a court-appointed attorney, if she couldn’t afford one herself.