Former Devils Lake Police Chief Bruce Kemmet honored in Fargo

Mike Bellmore, Features Editor
Bruce Kemmet

Devils Lake’s former police chief of 20 years was honored last week in Fargo.

Bruce Kemmet won the Lone Eagle Award, handed out by the North Dakota Peace Officers Association.

There is one Lone Eagle Award for active law enforcement personnel, and one for retired.

Kemmet got letters of support for the award from LEC Administrator Dick Johnson and police department detective Rob Hach.

When the award was made, Kemmet, who now lives in Bismarck, said he was totally surprised.

“It was a total surpise to me,” Kemmet said in a telephone conversation. “They hid it from me pretty well.”

“It’s a pretty prestigious award to be nominated for and win.”

Kemmet becomes the third former peace officer from the region to be recognized by the North Dakota Peace Officers Association in recent years.

Previous winners include former Crime Bureau agent Merle Henke and Dallas Carlson.

The awards are designed to recognize the officers for their contributions to law enforcement during their careers.

What makes it so special is that there are over 1600 police officers in North Dakota.

“It was a real honor,” added Kemmet.