Two officers certify as Drug Recognition Experts

Mike Bellmore, Features Editor
Officer Keith Schwandt

A couple of members of the Devils Lake Police Department have earned the title of Drug Recognition Expert.

Senior Patrolman Keith Schwandt and patrolman Jordan Froelich recently spent two weeks in Bismarck and a week in Phoenix, Ariz. to attain the status of “DRE”.

While in Phoenix, the two men were afforded the opportunity to do drug evaluations on people brought in on charges related to drinking and drug useage.

“The program is funded by the DOT (Department of Transportation) and is designed to get impaired people off the road,” says Schwandt.

“We can also help with parole and probation.”

Schwandt says such evaluations take about 45 minutes and can identify what type or category of drugs the apprehended people are under.

Schwandt and Froelich are the only two DRE’s in Northeast North Dakota right now and two of just 35 in the entire state.

“We’ve done about six evaluations between the two of us since we completed training,” added Schwandt.

Officer Jordan Froehlich