Kale Stromme wants to serve

Mike Bellmore, Features Editor
Kale Stromme

Kale Stromme was a familiar figure around the Devils Lake Parks and Recreation office the past number of years.

He worked for Superintendent of Parks Terry Wallace through high school in various coaching capacities.

And upon graduating from high school in 2004, he was the summer recreation manager.

He's hoping that experience will serve him well in a bid for a spot on the Devils Lake Park Board in coming months.

“It's something I've always liked and enjoyed,” says Stromme. “It's a key part of the community and I'd like to be involved.”

Stromme says he still helps out some at the park board and has a handle on where the budget might be.

He's out in the public enough to get a handle on what is wanted, needed and being discussed in the public.

Stromme says he has been impressed with the board's recent development and improvement of its facilities.

“I think I've gotten to know the needs of the town,” he adds.

“And it's key to create opportunities for the kids and steer them toward something other than video games.”

Stromme says he has learned a lot in dealing with Wallace and the park board in recent years.

He thinks he knows what to do, what not to do and how to deal with the issues facing the board.

His experience deals with a time frame of about 10 years.

Stromme is the youngest son of Craig and the late Debbie Stromme and has spent his entire life in Devils Lake.

He has a couple of older brothers – Justin and Ryan.

He is 24 years of age.