Snow removal funds becoming a concern for city of Devils Lake

Mike Bellmore, Features Editor

City Works Director Myron Asleson is wondering what to do with the huge mounds of snow piling up in residential areas.

The city has been kept extremely busy keeping regular city roads and routes open this winter, but snow is a problem in residential areas.

The word around town is that snowbanks are piling up high almost weekly, but City Auditor Terry Johnston said the snow removal budget remains about on par with last year.

The city has spent about $14,000 of its $25,000 budget on snow removal thus far.

Johnston said last January the city spent $21,210 on snow removal, but this past January spent $8,628.

So on that front, the city is on pace with last year, but Johnston says figures will rise for the month of February.

“Based on January, we're better off than last year,” he adds. “So that would put it comparable with last year. But I have a hunch we'll make up for it in February. Last year we didn't spend a dime in February.”

Johnston anticipates by the end of this month the city will be about on a par with last winter.

But a word of caution: The National Weather Service in Grand Forks is predicting significant precipitation for the Lake Region area in March.

So a lot can still change.