Steve Rohrer says he’s running again

Mike Bellmore, Features Editor

MINNEWAUKAN, N.D. - Benson County Sheriff Steve Rohrer is in the midst of his fourth year in that office.

He's facing a primary election this summer and a general election in November and he has already said he'll run again.

“I haven't heard of anybody else that's running yet, but that could change,” he says.

Rohrer says the past three years have been hectic for him and his three deputies.

Drug traffic has been curbed somewhat, he says. But some problems remain, and those issues are time-consuming.

“Those things start out the size of a BB and grow into the size of a basketball,” Rohrer says.

“It's always a problem and it takes time.”

Other problems in Benson County continue to be the normal ones - thefts and other day-to-day law enforcement business.

One problem Rohrer has to deal with is covering Benson County with a relatively small staff of three deputies.

Benson County is one of the larger counties in the state, and he and his deputies put a lot of miles on their cars.

There's one deputy in Leeds, one in Maddock and one in Minnewaukan, and no more than one deputy works an eight-hour shift.

Sometimes those are normal eight-hour shifts, but they can run up to 24 hours straight depending upon various factors.

“It's demanding,” Rohrer adds. “Having one more deputy would be great, but we're happy with what we've got.”

“But we've got a great relationship with the county commission and we realize money is tight with all the flooding and lake problems in the region.”

Rohrer says he tries to make his department visible in the county, and stresses the importance of public relations.

He has set up various projects with schools in the county around prom time to help curb teen drinking and other problems.

It's all designed to help the kids stay safe, but have fun.