Changes coming to Town &?Country Club

Mike Bellmore, Features Editor

The Devils Lake Town and Country Club will feature a new look this spring and summer.

Fifty-year-old Randy Stevens has been hired as the new general manager for the course.

The move is seen as a cost-cutting measure for the debt-ridden club, effectively eliminating the golf course superintendent and clubhouse manager positions.

Stevens, a 1977 graduate of Edmore High School, has a commercial applicator's license, a background in agronomy and 15 years in a PGA program.

“I guess you could say this is all designed to cut expenses,” says Stevens. “We're trying to turn the whole operation in a more profitable direction.”

Stevens knows he's facing a gigantic challenge in trying to find that direction.

He's well aware of the debt, the expenses and he's hoping for better management and efficiency.

Stevens is also a graduate of Lake Region State College with a degree in farm and ranch management.

He farmed in the Lake Region until 1989 and has been involved in running various resorts, motels and bars.

“The club is going through a metamorohosis of sorts,” says Stevens. “We know we're facing a big challenge.”