Ice Fishing fills weekend

Louise Oleson, Editor
The Volunteer Fire Department's Annual Ice Fishing Tournament was held this weekend and so many anglers turned out that more holes had to be drilled on the lake Saturday to accomodate them all. For more information on the tourney and a complete list of prize winner , check out the Devils Lake Journal on Tuesday, Feb. 2.

The following are the winners of the fishing portion of the Devils Lake Volunteer Fire Department’s Ice Fishing Tournament held on the lake this weekend.


In the perch division, first place went to Ben Dahl of Minot, ND. He caught a 1.04 lb. perch winning $1,000.

Second place went to, Shane Heisler of Fargo, ND, who caught a 1.02 lb. perch winning $750.

Third place went to Jamie Lembke from Grand Forks. His perch weighed in at .76 lbs. and he took home the 2010 Chevy Silverado. Fourth place went to David O’Hara from Pembina, ND. His perch weighed .5 lbs. and he won $200. Fifth went to Jerry Reinisch of Bismarck who took home $150 for his .44 lb. perch.


In the northern pike category first place went to Mike Aanes of Fergus Falls, Minn., who caught a 10.10 lb. northern and took home $1,000.

Second place went to Dave Bax of Parkston, SD who won a Hardshell Fish House for his 6.5 lb. northern.

Third place went to Preston Lund of Brandon, Minn., who caught a 5.52 lb. northern and won $400.

Fourth place went to Chris Paulson of Devils Lake who caught a 4.1 lb. northern and took home $200. Fifth place went to Randy Clark from Maxbass, ND, he caught a 3.4 lb. northern and took home $150.


Thomas Johnson from Grand Forks took home the first prize in the walleye category, winning $1,000.  Second place went to Lynette Gallow from Bisbee, ND. For the 1.36 lb. walleye she caught she took home $750. Third place winner was Jake Owens from Breckenridge, Minn., who caught a walleye weighing 1.24 and took home $400. Fourth place went to Travis Halverson from Rugby. He caught a .54 lb. walleye and won $200. Fifth prize went to Jermey Gizinski from Neche, ND with a .5 lb. walleye. He took home a Kawasaki 4x4 ATV.

Winner of the Youth Starter Fishing Package was Dalton Poitra from Dunsieth, ND.

For a complete list of those who won the raffle items, see Tuesday’s Devils Lake Journal.

This angler got quite a nice one on Saturday at the tournament.