Coming soon! New dental clinic

Mike Bellmore, Features Editor
Work has begun on the new dental clinic coming soon to Devils Lake. Here heavy equipment is preparing the property for the building.

Coming soon! New dental clinic

By Mike Bellmore - Journal Features Editor

The former Porter Brothers Scrap Iron-Junk Yard is about to be transformed into a modern, eye-catching, state-of-the-art new home for the dentist team of Doctors Rollin Herman and Ben Mack.

Digging is already under way at the site on Fourth St. S.E. and construction on the actual building will start next week.

Dennis Gleason, who has put up some of Devils Lake's most attractive buildings in recent years, is the contractor.

“With the landscaping, we're hoping to develop kind of a 'park' look to it,” says Dr. Herman, who has worked his entire 30-year career at the present location at Mercy Hospital.

“We're doing well right now where we're at and the rent is pretty cheap. But a lot of  elderly patients we have experience trouble finding our office where we're at, and it is difficult for them to get up here and navigate and move around.”

When the sparkling new building is completed, 'all' patients should find their trip to the dentist office much more convenient.

And Herman and Mack will be going from a situation that has proven inconvenient to one of much more convenience.

“We're doing this mainly as a help to our patients,” added Herman, who declined to offer an estimate on the cost of the building. “We're going to have the benefit of a nice facility and it will be a nice addition to Devils Lake, but costs will go up.”

Mack, a graduate of Devils Lake High School and a former all-around athlete, is in his third year of dentistry while Herman is approaching year 30.

Mack is the son of Frank and Joan Mack of Devils Lake and has a younger sister, Melissa, who is less than a year away from entering the dentistry practice.

Herman says his young partner has been a fantastic addition to the practice.

“I really feel fortunate to be moving into a facility like this,” Ben smiles.

“This could even help recruit and keep new and maybe young dentists here in Devils Lake. There will be room for even a third or fourth doctor.”

There are seven chairs now in the present location at Mercy Hospital, and up to 10 or 11 will be available in the new building.

Options will be available, both doctors said.

“We're both very excited to have this process under way and that hole in the ground over there,” said Herman.

Mack said it will help bring the practice 'curbside' now instead of operating out of such a hidden, inconvenient location.

Herman said he hopes to have the new building take on a basic hybrid appearance to blend in with some of the newer buildings in town.

Both men are hoping to be in their new facility next summer.

(For a copy of this news story see Monday, August 24, 2009 issue of the Devils Lake Journal) 8/24/09

An artists rendering of what the new dental clinic will look like on the former Porter Brothers lot. It is located just north of the Leevers Offices on 6th Ave. South.