Lake Region road report

Staff Writer
Devils Lake Journal

This is the road and construction report for the weekend of August 10 including traffic flow on U.S. Highways 19, 57, 20, US 281, US 2, the Devils Lake Embankment Project and Grahams Island.

Current roadway updates include:

 ND Hwy 19 – Heavy truck traffic at the intersection of US 2 and ND Hwy 19 – caution advised.

  •  BIA No. 1 and BIA No. 4 south are now open with speed limit posted at 40 mph. BIA No. 5 and BIA No. 4 north of intersection of BIA No. 1 and BIA No. 4 remain closed . Barricades are in place on BIA No. 4 north. Paving is complete on BIA No. 1 and BIA No. 4 south, speeds are reduced to 40 mph.
  •  ND Hwy 57 – Speed limit is posted at 35 mph from Ft. Totten to Devils Lake. Traffic has been diverted to the gravel roadway on the lakeside of ND Hwy 57. Emergency Vehicles have the right of way. Contractor will be working with flaggers located at Spirit Lake Casino entrance, Sully’s Hill Park entrance, Ski-jump road and the intersection of ND Hwy 57 and BIA No. 1. Also flaggers present at the entrance to the Fish and Wildlife area and truck dumping crew moving with the project north. Heavy truck traffic on ND Hwy 57 north of Ft. Totten to the Casino Bridge. Contractor will be working on Sunday.
  • ND Hwy 20 – Speed limit is 35 mph from the Casino Bridge north to Devils Lake Levy. Roadway has some soft spots caution advised motorists are asked to slow down. Trucks will be hauling from the pit near BIA No. 6 and ND Hwy 20 dumping near the intersection of Hwy 20-57. Flaggers will be present on ND Hwy 20 and BIA #6 intersection. Flaggers are present on BIA No. 4 south of the Geske curve with contractor hauling fill. Flaggers are at the intersection of Hwy 20 and Hwy 57 with short delays. Two sets of flaggers are in place between the Casino Bridge and the intersection of ND Hwy 20-57. Also trucks will be dumping material just south and north of the DL city levee, with flaggers present short delays are expected, caution advised with speed limit of 25 mph through construction zone. Motorists are urged to watch the distance between cars when traveling through the construction zones. Traffic has switched over to the west side of roadway at the DL Embankment, flaggers will be present. Roadway is dusty with some soft spots (caution advised).
  •  US Hwy 281 – Speed limit of 65 mph with normal traffic flows.
  •  US Hwy 2 – Paving of US 2 east of Penn, ND will continue with completion later this week. Flaggers are present with short delays. Traffic has switched over to 2 – lane traffic east of Penn, speed limit through construction zone will be posted at 60 mph. Trucks will be hauling from the pit east of Devils Lake on US 2 and dumping just south of the city levee on ND Hwy 20. Caution advised with increased truck traffic at the intersection of ND Hwy 20 and US 2. Also trucks will be accessing the Devils Lake Embankment Project east of Devils Lake on US 2.
  • BNSF Railroad will be working in the Churches Ferry and Penn areas next week. Township and County Roads will be closed off on a day to day basis along US 2 northbound.
  • Work continues on Devils Lake Embankment Protection Project. Phase 2 pumping station work will continue this week with truck traffic hauling material on City Phase 2A and 2B projects increased truck traffic on US 2 east of Devils Lake, watch for trucks accessing roads to DL Embankment Devils Lake Embankment Phase 3, contractor will be working in the Lakewood area and acorn ridge area.
  • Grahams Island Road – Normal traffic flow with contractor doing finish work.
  •  The next public meeting on road construction will be August 22, 2012 @ 3 p.m. in the Auditorium of Spirit Lake Casino.
  • SAFETY CONCERNS: When traveling through construction zones, please do not pass other vehicles or construction equipment and be cautious of crew members standing along the roadways. Pay attention to flaggers on all roads and watch traffic signals along Highways; if it’s red, stop and wait for the light to turn green. Be safe and smart while traveling through these work zones. Traffic is asked to keep up with the traffic flow behind pilot cars – this will ensure all traffic is moving at a timely manner through construction zones. Reminder, emergency vehicles have the right of way. Motorists are urged to keep a safe distance between vehicles in construction zones.
  • For more information on the Devils Lake Basin Road Construction projects, visit the website at or email Tim at the Devils Lake Chamber of Commerce at You can also call the Devils Lake Chamber office at 701-662-4903.