The Winning of Lady Wisdom Part 7

Sarah Dixon Young
Faith Columnist

Sarah Dixon Young’s columns for June and July feature a serial short story excerpted from her work in progress The Winning of Lady Wisdom. In the story, Hyperon finds fulfilling work and acceptance when he comes to the city of Opportunity. When trouble arises, he must determine what is true and whether he loves Folly or Wisdom. If you have interest in being a beta reader for this work, you can email Sarah at

Adam dragged Hyperon back to the trolley. The poor fool. It was like he’d been shot by that woman Wisdom. He stumbled and mumbled to himself like one in a trance. Adam punched him hard in the shoulder after the trolley was safely underway.

“Snap out of it man! You’re embarrassing me,” Adam said. “What are you, some lovesick puppy?”

Hyperon looked at him and seemed to focus for the first time.

“I thought you said she was evil,” he said.

Adam had said as little as possible about her. True, he hated her, but what she was, he had no way of knowing.

“I’ve seen her many times, but I didn’t know who she was. I do know one thing: she is evil,” he retorted. “Did she tell you how much it would cost to come to her table? Folly’s meals are free, but Wisdom’s are not. Ask Specter next time you see him.”

Hyperon looked down at his folded hands in his lap. Adam congratulated himself on presenting a good, logical case against Wisdom.

Hyperon looked up again. “But you didn’t even know it was her until I told you,” he argued.

Adam nodded. “I didn’t have to know what she looked like to know that her offers cost. Specter told me she charges more than the highest priced harlot but gives nothing,” he replied.

“Specter!” Hyperon shouted and stood from his seat. He grasped the hand bar above him for balance and looked down at Adam. “Why is he the authority on everything?”

“Because he has everything in the palm of his hand,” Adam remained cool. It wouldn’t do to lose his temper now.

“Just think about his office. Think about everything he’s done for us,” Adam reasoned.

“I’m thinking about my empty belly and that fellow Gluto,” said Hyperon, “I’m thinking about hating the right and loving the wrong. I’m supposed to hate those folks who work hard and enjoy everything they earn while loving a life of ease and a parade of entertainments that leave my soul as abandoned as my childhood.”

“Just put your childhood behind you and live for today,” Adam said.

“Easy enough for you to say,” Hyperon accused, “You who grew up with two loving parents in a world that accepted you as one of its own. I’ll bet you never went without until you worked for Specter.”

“I don’t go without now,” Adam lied.

“Ah yes, and your belly isn’t as empty as mine either, I suppose,” Hyperon said, “I’m done threatening and accusing women and little kids. Tell Mr. Specter I quit.”

“It’s not as simple as that,” Adam pleaded, “Once you work for him, you can’t get out of the agreement. I thought you said you were unpersuadable.”

“That’s when I was a stupid fool,” Hyperon said.

Hyperon backed down the aisle away from Adam. Adam stood and reached out his hand, but he was too late.

“Starting today, I’m hating evil,” Hyperon said, “and I guess I’ll be persuaded by anything else.” He stepped off the trolley into the swirling masses of people. 

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