2021 Kid's Section Positivity vs. Negativity

Allison Halle

Positivity has a big impact on people. One smile + one frown = one smile. All it takes is one smile to make someone's day better. Let’s say you have to make several repairs because of a storm. You are feeling dreadful, but then someone walks up to you. They smile and ask if you would like to join them on their walk. You reply with yes because you have nothing else to do. Soon enough, the walk is over, and you are standing in front of your office. You feel better, and are ready to begin to fix the issue. You may not feel completely better, but you are ready to fix the leaky hole in the roof. A smile equals another smile.

Negativity also has a big impact on people. Let’s say you are getting ready to walk to your office. You slowly woke up, but then start moving faster. You look at your watch, and realize you are late. You begin dashing down the path. As soon as you enter the building, you are greeted by your unhappy boss. You explain to him/her that it wasn’t entirely your fault, and say the following…

My clock didn’t wake me up because of a power outage due to the storm.

My coffee machine malfunctioned.

I had to stay up to finish signing papers.

When you are about to list the last reason, he/she stops you. He/she understands, and tells you to not let it happen again. You apologize and make your way to your office. Slowly but steadily making your way to your chair, you see a massive stack of papers sitting on your desk. When you think things couldn’t get worse, you realize your pen is out of ink and you don’t have another. You are grumpy, you are anxious, and you are tired. Your grumpiness spreads and nobody is happy.

Be careful about your actions. Both positivity and negativity have an impact on not just your life, but others lives.

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