2021 Kid's Section: Different types of Fish

Barrett Mudgett Jr

Fish have been on the earth for over 450 million years. There is an estimate that there are over 15 thousand species of fish that have not yet been discovered. The Rougheye Rockfish can live up to 200 years old. The largest fish in the world was the whale shark, being about 41 feet long. The smallest fish in the world is the Stout Infant, which can be ¼ of an inch long.

I like aggressive fish that eat other fish. The fish I currently have are two baby oscars. They can grow up to be 12-14 inches long and have a mass of 3.5 pounds. They need to live in a 55 gallon tank or they will be too large and die. Did you know that they can live up to 20 years and are omnivores? They also come in many different colors, colors ranging from dark green to a vibrant pink. 

Most fish that I don’t like are wide-eyed fish. They weird me out, but they can survive most things. Did you know that they can live from 10-30 years long? In the wild they can live up to 41 years old. They are omnivores and when kept in captivity you should feed them food pellets or flake food.

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