2021 Kid's Section: Tick Tock


If you controlled time, would you make it stop? Would you make time fly by? What would you do?

Once upon a time a girl named Amellie wished that time would fly by, and that at other times, that it would just stop. She hated sitting at school and watching the clock go...tick tock tick tock...over and over and over again...tick tock tick tock. So, she wished it would speed up. 

When hanging out with her best friend Charlotte, she wished it would slow down, or even just stop so she could live out the moment.

The next day, she was about to go to school when she fell down a trap-door in the sidewalk pavement! She slid down this 500 ft. slide into an old, dark, and smelly office.

She was stunned. Her head ached as she lay on the old,wet,and smelly ground. She heard sobbing coming from the back of the room. She slowly got up and walked over.There was nothing but a door. Her mind told her no, but her hand thought otherwise.She twisted the knob and walked in.

Unfortunately, there lay a man weeping. 

It turns out that the man crying was sad because he controlled time. He was too old to do it anymore.

Amellie sat there and thought. Then she said,”I’ll do it, I will control time.”

At first the man was hesitant but then he finally let her take an oath to control time. Now Amelie, known as Tick Tock, controls Time.

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