2021 Kid's Section: Going to College


One day, when my grandpa was out in the field picking rock. He hit a big round rock and said that they had to use the loader to get it out. Later, he took my brother and I to go and see it, and he said these exact same words, “ If you can move this rock, I’ll give you the farm.” Still to this very day, I wonder if he’ll ever take me to go see it. If so, I’m going to try and move it by myself. 

The only way I’ll get to college is by succeeding in middle school, high school, and then by graduating college. I love to work on the farm. It's where I’m going to spend most of my summer. When they start spraying chemicals on the crops, I’ll go to the camper and help. When they are done spraying or close to done I’ll go back to the farm and stay with my grandpa and help some more. I plan to get my ATV license so that I can drive an ATV to get something that they need. I can go get it, because they have two ATVs.  When I am fifteen, I am going to take my tractor safety training, so then I can drive a tractor and help.  

When I graduate high school, I want to go to college at NDSU in Fargo. The reason is that it is one of my favorite colleges to go to. It is also close to my aunt and uncle’s house, and close to my great grandparents and grandparent’s houses. The main reason is that it is close to my grandpa’s farm. It’s a two hour drive from NDSU to Lankin. I want to go to college at NDSU to get a degree in Diesel Mechanics. My grandpa went to college for that but he went to the college here in Devils Lake. I don’t know if they still offer that here. If they have it here then I will go to college here and not in Fargo, but if not, I’ll go to Fargo. 

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