2021 Kid's Section: The snow blizzard


One night there was a  blizzard and there was a kid named Jay. He was in the snow storm and he was trying to find his way home.  He felt lost and like he was going in circles. 

He saw a faded light in the distance and walked toward it.  It seemed the light was getting farther and farther away.  He thought at first it was a house that had its lights on.  He saw a faded figure in the distance. Jay saw that it was floating off the ground.   Jay tried to run towards it, but then he fell down.  

Jay was so curious of what it could be but he kept falling.   His hands were cold now from all the falling he did. Then out of nowhere his hands became warm. The figure led him home. He found his house and the figure appeared as it was a person. He noticed that the person had long hair. 

As he got closer, he realized that it was Jesus!  Jay believed in Jesus a lot. He was so happy that he was able to return home safe thanks to Jesus. He began thanking Jesus so much and Jesus told him two things before he left. He told Jay that he was to go to mass every Sunday.  Then the second thing he told  him was to open his hands.   Jesus then put his hands in Jay's hands.  When Jay brought his hands back, they had Jesus’s face on them. 

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