2021 Kid's Section: Not Enough, Enough, or More than Enough?

Meagan Halle

Some people may ask, “Am I enough?” I think everyone is more than enough. Instead of wondering if you're enough, you should be thinking am I more than enough? You should think that you’re way more than enough. You don’t need to hide yourself just because you think you’re not as wonderful as other people. 

Some people think they are royalty compared to others. That’s where they are wrong. You are like royalty because they try to bring you down. You and the person who brings you down are like rivals. Others attack using harsh words, making rude remarks, and bully you. They might say, “I’m better than you,” “You aren’t even that good,” or they might do something that hurts you physically or even mentally. Stand your ground and don’t take what they say personally. 

One of your friends might be brought down when they are told something that is false but they believed it. This can mess with their brain and trick them. You can go to your friend and tell them it was false. They might not believe without proof, so you can prove it to them. They will be stronger than you could imagine because of that scenario. 

When you are hurt, you’ll become stronger. I am telling you to believe. You are stronger than you think. You are more than what you think. You are better than those who bring you and others down. Don’t believe everything you hear, but believe in yourself and the choices you make. If you make bad decisions, you’ll only get hurt more. Take care of yourself and others. Don’t let yourself go down as easily as a ship sinking in the ocean. Most importantly, stay positive in those negative situations.

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