2021 Kid's Section: “Fall Seven Times, Stand Up Eight”

Samantha Sprenger

This was a quote by Dr. Seus. It means to never give up and to keep pushing. If every time you got hurt, you didn’t get back up, you would be down a lot. This is where your hope, courage and faith need to come into your life and help guide you through these kinds of things.

In order to stand back up and be stronger after falling is by having faith and bravery. You need people to stand with you and help you. You also have to do a lot of things on your own. This starts with the very little things such as getting up when you fall down.

In better words, it means you have to stay strong even when your feelings have been let down by someone else. You have to stay strong, help yourself and try to help others when they are feeling down.

 No matter how many times you fall, you still have to give it your all to succeed. You have to put in the most effort out of anyone in order to get yourself back up.

You can't do everything in life on your own. You have to let the people who want to help you, help you. They will be there for you but only if you let them.

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