Hundreds of volunteers make Marketplace for Kids happen

Staff Writer
Devils Lake Journal
These three young entrepreneurs set up a display about an automobile repair shop they would start, KJK Car Shop.

Hundreds of volunteers will be on deck Friday, March 9, 2018, at Lake Region State College home of the Devils Lake Marketplace for Kids Education Day.

The program targets grades three through eight but is open to all ages. Marketplace for Kids provides a variety of experiential learning classes and activities to help students develop innovation, enhance personal development and explore career options. The day will feature a wide array of classes including: “Emergency 911” presented by Cory Meyer, Assistant Fire Chief and Brandon Exner, Senior Captain-Devils Lake Fire Department; “Peace Officer Training” presented by Steve Nicola, Instructor Lake Region State College; and “Farming Fun with Technology” presented by Kevin O'Dell Integrated Solutions Manager, Leading Edge Equipment.

The Marketplace Advisory Leadership Team and members of the education community enjoy reviewing the previous year’s class reports from the students and take their advice on the classes they would like presented each year. Classes are a memorable educational experience for area students. Students will be showcasing their innovative ideas in the Hall of Great Ideas (Lake Region State College Gymnasium) from 11:35 a.m. to 12:25 p.m. Everyone is invited to stop by and view the projects, visit with the students and encourage their creativity. Volunteers from the business community will be presenting ribbons to the project students. MVP and Community Members will be providing volunteer hours to make the Marketplace for Kids Education Day a success. North Dakota Department of Career and Technical Education Director, Wayne Kutzer, serves on the Board of Directors. “The future of North Dakota’s economy – and the future of our nation’s economy- lies in the entrepreneurial spirit of our children” said Kutzer.

Marketplace for Kids encourages your students or children to develop their own ideas, share their creativity and present them to an audience of all ages. “Marketplace for Kids is proud of the leadership provided by teachers, administrators, parents and chaperones,” added Kutzer. “Thank you for creating the environment that enables our students to grow.”