Keep vents clear of frost buildup in frigid weather

Staff Writer
Devils Lake Journal
This homeowner in northeast Devils Lake has two vents that are experiencing frost buildup.

At Monday’s meeting of the Devils Lake City Commission Devils Lake Fire Chief Jim Moe asked the public be reminded to keep vents clear of frost buildup, especially with the recent low temperatures the region has been experiencing.

Moe told the Devils Lake Journal Thursday morning that he had done some driving around in the city the previous evening and noticed several residences with frost buildup on the sewer vents that need to be taken care of.

“I saw a huge amount of homes where frost was crusting the sewer vents as I drove around the residential areas Wednesday afternoon,” Moe said.

Unfortunately the Fire Department cannot take care of the problem, he said, but there are any number of contractors, like roofing contractors, who have the equipment and expertise needed to clear the vents properly.

Moe said if the vents get obstructed, toilets in the home will not work properly and there is a chance that methane gas from the clogged vent can get into the house and that could be deadly.

Many homeowners opt to use a length of copper pipe with a “T” top welded to go down into the vent to keep it cleared. Those are available for sale in both the hardware stores in Devils Lake. If you live in one of the surrounding communities, check with your local hardware store to see if they have them on hand.