Devils Lake band making a name for themselves

Mike Bellmore, Features Editor
‘Old Vern’ is comprised of (left to right) Jeff Durrow, Jeff Monette and Jon Tweet. Not pictured is Fred Burdick.

By day, Jon Tweet runs the Sheriff’s House Museum on Sixth St. NE in Devils Lake.

By night, he’s an aspiring young musician who has just put together the “Old Vern” band.

He has banded together with Jeff Monette on the drum, Jeff Durrow on the bass and Fred Burdick as a rhythm guitarist.

Burdick was on duty with the National Guard over the weekend doing flood work in Minot.

Tweet met Durrow at Lake Region State College this past year and the two joined together after Tweet nearly gave up the musical scene. Then the other two came aboard.

“We decided to set off on our own,” Tweet says. “We love it. I’ve been trying to do something like this since I was pretty young.”

The band plays a blend of classic rock music from the 1960’s, 70’s and 90’s. They’ve all been involved in music in one way or another since their younger years.

They’re presently working on an album entitled “Here of Purpose,” which has a projected release date of August 26.

They’ve also been laying the ground work for future success in the music business.

Just this summer they captured first place in the Lakota Battle of the Bands and first place in a Battle of the Bands at the Grand Forks County Fair.

There was also a runner-up finish in the Popplers Music Battle of the Bands in Grand Forks earlier this month.

In that event, Monette was awarded the top drummer award and Tweet the top guitarist award.

The band is also scheduled to perform at The Warehouse in Devils Lake, which may be the last live performance in that facility.

“I’ve played in other bands since I was about 14, and none of them ever worked out,” added Tweet. “We really feel this one will work.”

Burdick and Monette are both from Devils Lake, Tweet, 29, is from Grand Forks, and Durrow is from the upper peninsula of Michigan.

Tweet felt his musical dreams were maye behind him when he came to Devils Lake, and then he met his 3 fellow band participants.

They’ve been off and running ever since.

Old Vern