Blood Drive next week in Devils Lake

Staff reports

The Devils Lake Knights of Columbus will be sponsoring a blood drive in the Devils Lake Armory Monday, Jan. 10  from 12-6  p.m. and Tuesday, Jan. 11  between 8:30 a.m. and 2 p.m.

"Most healthy people who are over 16 may donate,” said Rich Larcombe from United Blood Services. “There are quite a few people who do not realize they are qualified to donate. People who are taking vitamins, hormones supplements, birth control pills, diet pills, medications for high blood pressure and cholesterol, antibiotics for acne and most diabetics MAY donate.”

Donors can get their blood typed, your blood pressure, temperature, hematocrit, pulse and cholesterol checked all in less time then it takes for a good workout.

To schedule an appointment for a blood donations please call Jim Schiele at 662-5633 or email