‘Ron Lang’s hunting team strikes again’

Louise Oleson Journal Managing Editor
Since Sunday these hunters have shot over 200 snow geese and 50 mallards - and they’re not done yet. Who knows what the final tally will be before they leave the Lake Region to head home? Pictured here from left are Christ Lindberg with his dog Jaeda, Nick Lindberg, Chuck Lindberg, Charlie Lindberg, Ethan Lindberg, Ron Lang (Devils Lake), Jacob Lang and Troy Lang with his dog Lilly. Not pictured but part of the group is Wayne Owens.

There were three kinds of Karen Lang’s home-made soup simmering on the stove inside the house on Thursday afternoon for the hunters as they hunkered down in the “hunter’s cave,” otherwise known as the garage, after a day of hunting.

The walls and ceiling of Ron Lang’s “hunter’s cave” are filled with photos of them taken through the years and reminders of past visits.

Charlie Lindberg explains that his son, Ethan, the youngest member of this group, is the third generation of hunters in their family to make the six and a half hour trip from Minnesota to Devils Lake.

They do it three times a year - every year - and have been for 25 years or more, most of them. In January they come for the big ice fishing tournament. Each July they come for a week’s fishing in warmer weather. Then every October they come to hunt.

Last year one of their dogs was injured badly by some barbed wire while hunting and Jaeda’s injury still hasn’t totally healed, but she was eager to please and be out with the group anyway.

The group will continue to hunt in the area today and will pack up for the trip home on Saturday, most likely.

“The trip home always seems so much longer,” Lindberg said, “Coming here we are anticipating the hunt and seeing Ron and Karen,  that part of the trip goes much quicker.”

He said they wanted to make sure to thank all the area farmers who let them hunt on their land.

“That means a lot to us,” he said.

“We have been fortunate every time we’ve come. There are so many nice people in the area. We love coming back year after year.” And if they keep having the luck they’ve had this year in the field, they will. Since Sunday they have shot over 200 snow geese and 50 mallards.